We know that there is no case as important as your case.  Frequently the very best decision you can make is to hire an experienced attorney at the first sign of trouble.  We have significant experience in all of the following areas of Real Estate, Business, and Probate Litigation:

Real Estate Litigation –

  • wrongful non-disclosure of material information in sale of real estate
      • cracked foundation
      • defective septic system
      • cosmetic repairs used to disguise true defects
  • DTPA/fraud/negligent misrepresentation in sale of real estate
  • specific performance of real estate contract disputes, residential and commercial
  • revocation/reformation of real estate contract disputes, residential and commercial
  • contract for deed disputes
  • construction disputes, residential and commercial
  • partition of real and personal property
  • enforcement/nullification of restrictive covenants
  • raw land owner versus developer disputes
  • land title disputes
  • boundary line disputes
  • easement disputes
  • intentional and negligent destruction of trees and improvements
  • diversion of watershed liability
  • injunctions to gain or prevent access to land
  • lender and mortgage broker liability
  • real estate agent liability
  • fraudulent transfer liability
  • mechanic’s lien liability
  • wrongful foreclosure liability
  • collection defense involving real estate

Business Divorce Litigation

  • contested partnership dissolutions
  • contested dissolutions of artificial entities
  • contested nonmarital cohabitation dissolutions
  • contested martial dissolutions without child custody disputes

Probate Litigation

  • will contests
  • heirship contests
  • beneficiary disclaimer contests
  • guardianship contests

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