About Us

Wilson, Sterling, & Russell is an association of individual private practices – not a partnership.  We believe that the association of these practices and the differing and collaborative skill sets of our attorneys provide clients with a one stop shop for all of their real estate and estate planning needs.  Whether you need skillfully drafted documents, professional advice regarding a complex real estate transaction, or aggressive representation in the courtroom, one of us can supply the expertise you need.

Robert Wilson, William Sterling, and Lawrence Russell were partners for many years in the law firm of Wilson, Sterling, & Russell, LLP, which they chose to dissolve in August of 2009. They have continued their association in an informal arrangement between the sole proprietorships Robert Wilson, William Sterling, and Lawrence Russell.  In July, 2020 William Sterling retired and is no longer practicing.

Mr. Wilson and Mr. Russell do not accept cases where the other is representing the opposing party or has a legal conflict as set out by The Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct.